Wind Mitigation Inspections


  • For The Standard Residential Wind Mitigation Inspection Utilizing The "OIR - B1 - 1802" (Rev.1/12) Form, We Exercise The Same Due Professionalism, Accuracy, Timely Service & Quality of Service As We Do With Any Other Service We Provide. 
  • Each Report Comes With A 24 Hour Turnaround Time From The Time Of The Inspection.
  • Each Inspection Generally Furnishes 2 Copies of The Report, One For The Insured & One For Us To Provide To The Insured's Agent Via Fax, Email or Mail.
  • Each Report Is Conducted By And Signed By Our State Licensed Building/Home Inspector, State Certified Residential, Building or General Contractors.
  • Pictures verification of all applicable features are obtained on site and provided in a digital formatted report to the agent and the client. Additional copies can be provided FREE at no additional charge.
  • After The Inspection, The Inspector/Contractor Will Conduct A Brief Yet Thorough Review of His Findings With The Insured To Provide More Peace of Mind.
What Should I Do To Prepare For My Wind Mitigation Inspection?
What should I do to prepare for the hurricane clips/straps portion of the Wind Mitigation Inspection?
Have all paperwork available for the inspector of when the home was built, if any, to include; building blue prints, any documents regarding the homes construction. AWind Mitigation Inspection involves verification of window and door reinforcement components such as hurricane rated safety glazing applied to all glass door and window openings if applicable or hurricane shutters that meet the Florida Building Code's requirements for wind born debris regions or meet other equally rigorous testing methods for the WBDR or HVHZ areas. Additionally, other areas are inspected to verify compliance with newer codes that sometimes can be inaccessible or partly inaccessible. These areas may have vital components that may qualify for additional credits to you but may need further verification to aid in proving there existence. Insurance companies have seen a lot of fraudulent and misleading inspection forms throughout the last few years so to spearhead this issue the Office of Insurance Regulation has implemented strict guidelines and requirements for the field inspector to abide by and specific criteria as to what will suffice to prove what hurricane components exist in the structure. One fairly easy requirement is picture proof. This is not always possible and recent changes to the form and the processes to which the insurance companies underwriters review and process the forms are making it impossible to provide an inspection without providing this evidence. So when visible access to these areas is not attainable, building schematics/blue prints that provide clear indication of clips/types.
What should I do to prepare for the roof portion of the Wind Mitigation Inspection?
Because certain features installed such as the roof, cannot always be accessed at the attic or roof top to determine if the roof was installed in compliance to newer code, paperwork can often substitute photo documentation. For the roof, however, companies require inspectors and homeowners alike to provide proof of when the roof was installed to prove the installation would have been to newer code. Documentation for the roof cover is required and must be either roofers reciepts or permit documentation. Photos of roofing materials may not substitute typically. Have Any documentation you have been provided or have obtained regarding the roof and the building ready for the inspector to review during the inspection.
What should I do to prepare for the windows & doors portion of the Wind Mitigation Inspection?
When access for photo proof of some hurricane features are limited or non existant, documentation may substitute. Have Any documentation you have been provided or have obtained regarding the windows, doors, roof and the building ready for the inspector to review. Documents to include if available are: Door and Window manufacturing specs, Installation Receipts, supply lists and bid/quotes from the contractor/s that installed your windows/doors or shutters and as well, the same document types pertaining to the roof cover installation if your roof cover was installed in as early as 2001 to help in providing proof of installation in accordance with the 2001 post code. If the home has building plans that can be provided for review by the inspector, have them ready for the inspection, this may help in establishing if the home is reinforced and/clipped or strapped when attic systems are inaccessible or partially obstructed where these features are. This will greatly aid the contractor/field inspector in deducing which components qualify and if they can be substantiated for the insurance company. If needed, the contractor may request a copy when available, of all documents that may assist in providing you your credits.

What Purpose Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection For?

There are roughly 3 main purposes for a wind mitigation inspection to be performed on building.

1. To establish what features the home or structure has that are conducive to and qualify to be "Hurricane Grade" components such as hurricane rated windows and doors, hurricane straps/clips etc.

2. To assess the weaknesses and strengths of vital components that safeguard you and your most precious belongings and family members from the brunt of the storm. This information can then be used for statistical analysis amongst other purposes by the state and the insurance companies as well as providing you with peace of mind about the structural integrity of these components.

3. The reduction in insurance premiums you pay to your insurance company. By law, insurance companies have to provide reduced premium quotes to a building owner if that structure has hurricane rated features that meet the desired code as stated on the OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/2012) form. Sometimes, insurance companies may provide the policy holder with a refund check if the policy holder already has an established insurance policy with the company for the building. The refund is generally predicated to the length of time the insured has been with the company for that calendar year and when the policy began.

This credit was initiated during the MSFH Program that has since ended. The inspection and the credits continued as a reward for policy holders that reinforced there home with higher code standards put in place after 2001, effective 2002 and also stands as an incentive for individual policy holders to retrofit or install new hurricane rated features on there home or structure.

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